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The day we met

The Day We Met is a short film about adoption that's based on a true story of a Korean Adoptee.


Eric, a Korean-Canadian adoptee and his partner Steph, would love to start a family. Eric wants kids of his own but complications mean that adoption is the only real option, forcing Eric to confront his own ideas of identity and family. Steph thinks that meeting his biological mother would help Eric come to terms with his conflicted ideas of family. Eric is torn knowing that these things rarely have happy endings and that doing so would deeply hurt his adoptive parents. Ultimately, Eric decides to meet her, in the hope it will bring closure and allow them all to move forward as a family, but he soon learns that life rarely turns out the way you expect.


Directed by Mayumi Yoshida and Nach Dudsdeemaytha

Written by Lee Shorten.

Starring Lee Shorten (The Man in the High Castle), Sam Hum (Women of Marwen), Albert Nicholas (The 100), John Prowse (The Chronicles of Riddick), and Susan Hanson (The Tomorrow People). 

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