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Made for Vancouver Quarantine Performance Project APRIL 2020.

Nominated for Best Film and Best Writing

This was shot entirely inside VR chat. 

Created by Mayumi Yoshida & Nach Dudsdeemaytha

Original Animation by Sanjay Jit 

Sara   Nathania Bernabe
Sara's Avatar   Nathania Bernabe & Jackie.T.Hanlin
"othello"  Sanjay Jit

Music by Artlist

VRchat assets used
Ghost-PolugonalMind  //  Mike -The_Bucket  //  Just Moved in - Lucifer Mstar // Beach - Tom 1810 // Bar - CloverCherry - MinaFrancesca // School Gym - Rocktoopus // Shibuya - Silent

a light from the closet

Made for QuaranFilm Challenge April 2020.

All of the filming was done while social distancing at home.

Directed by Nach Dudsdeemaytha & Mayumi Yoshida

Written by Bob Woolsey

Starring: Nathania Bernabe & Jackie.T.Hanlin

Edited by Nach Dudsdeemaytha

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