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Different than before

During a family engagement party at a Chinese restaurant, a group of racist hecklers shout rude comments at Sarah, Amanda, their parents and guests. This puts Father (Tzi Ma), the head of the family, at a crossroad, needing to decide what is best for his family: remain invisible, or stand up and fight.


Production Co.: Boldly (@filmboldly)
Production Co.: Musubi Arts (@musubiarts)
Director: Mayumi Yoshida (@immyyoume)
Writer: Mayumi Yoshida

Producer: Sebastien Galina (@sebastiengalina)
Producer: Lynne Lee (@alwaysmisscheerful)
Producer: Mayumi Yoshida
Producer: Amanda Sum (@amanduhsum)
Executive Producer: Sebastien Galina
Executive Producers: Shelby Manton (@shelbymanton), Geoff Manton (@geoffmanton), Kristoff Duxbury (@kristoffduxbury)
Executive Producer: Olivia Cheng (@thatoliviacheng)
Executive Producer: Jack Gin
Associate Producer: Sabrina Rani Furminger (@yvrscreenscene)

Director Shadow: Kaitlyn Lee (@kaitl_13)
PA: Brennan Henderson (@brennanhenderson)
PA: Hiromu Yamawaki (@hiromu.yamawaki)

1st AD: Derek Kwan (@mundanederek)
Script Supervisor: Andrea De la Paz

Director of Photography: Alfonso Chin (@alfonsochin.x)
1st AC: Sammy Su (@cloudmastersu)
2nd AC: Steven Hu (@stevenslyfe)
Steadicam Op: Leo Harim (@leoharim)

Gaffer: Yannie Yu (@thedaycall)
LX: Cooper (@verycoolverychill)
Key Grip: Andrew McKenzie (@existentialandrew)
Dolly Grip: Andriy Lyskov (@cinematographer_international)
Grip: Tobi Jonathan
Grip: Stew Klein

Production Designer: Neil Colango (@njbc11)
Art Director: Marcela Pires (@bucherdesign)
Propmaster: Rikki Ray (@rikcaleray)
Builder: Raisa Mawji (@earth2rae)
Art Assistant: Sharon Lau (@sharon_lhm)
Art Assistant: Cheryl Wu (@cheryllwu)
Art Assistant: Crystal Kong (@crystalaboo)
Art Driver: Raye Pan (@rayepan92)

Backup Dancer Choreography: Amanda Sum
Waltz Coach: Natalie Gan (@pinki_yinki)

Location Sound: Ivette Novales (@ivettenovalesgomez)

Key HMU: Kaeko Fujiyama (@kaekohairmua)
HMU Assist: Misaki Higashibeppu (@misaki__makeup)

Costume Designer & Stylist: Alaia Hamer (@alaiahamer)
Costume Assist: Melissa McCowell (@mmccowell)

Covid Compliance Officer: Hayley Turra
Stills Photographer: Belen Garcia (@mabelengg)
Crafty: Joshua Lam (@jlamarts)

Father: Tzi Ma (@tzima8)
Sarah: Olivia Cheng (@thatoliviacheng)
Amanda: Amanda Sum (@amanduhsum)
Mother: Linda Sum (@jazzbah88)
Young Father: Howie Lai (@1howielai)
Young Mother: Jasmine Chen (@hausofchen)
Young Sarah: Mia Lin
Young Amanda: Noa Lin
Fiancé: Sachin Sahel (@sachinsahel)
Heckler: Matthew Anderson (@mattkevanderson)
Heckler: Cole Howard (
Heckler: Morgan Brayton (@morganbrayton)
Heckler: Trevor Lerner (@trevorlerner)
Server: Rita Kadota
Server: Annie Wong
Backup Dancer: Sarah Wong (@swongski)
Backup Dancer: Natalie Gan (@pinki_yinki)
Table Guest/Super Fan: Jerome Yoo (@jeromeoyoo)
Table Guest/Super Fan: Harry Han (@harryhan6)
Table Guest/Super Fan: Angie Chen (@ang_chen)
Table Guest/Super Fan: Micah Chen
Table Guest/Super Fan: Veenu Sandhu (@officialveenusandhu)
Table Guest/Super Fan: Broadus Mattison (@heybroadus)
Table Guest: Yayoi Hirano
Table Guest: W Douglas Owen
Table Guest: Joshua Lam (@jlamarts)
Table Guest: Cheryl Wu (@cheryllwu)

Post Production
Editor: Nach Dudsdeemaytha (@nachsays)
Sound Designer/Mixer: Sebastien Galina
VFX: David McDonald (@davidmcdonald)
Colourist: David Tomiak @ Elemental Post (@davidtomiakcolour)

Funding & Production
This music video was created thanks to the generous support of the MVP Project, a joint initiative of RBCxMusic and the Prism Prize (administered by the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television) @rbcxmusic @prismprize #mvpproject @thecdnacademy

Different Than Before song recording:

Supported by Creative BC and the Province of British Columbia.

We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

Written and arranged by Amanda Sum
Produced by Emily Millard
Engineered by Olivia Quan at Monarch Studios
Mixed by Olivia Quan
Mastered by Elisa Pangsaeng at CPS Mastering
Drums by Jamie Lee
Synth Bass by Mary Ancheta
Keys, synth, and vocals by Amanda Sum

Written and performed by Amanda Sum
Produced by Emily Millard
Courtesy of Amanda Sum

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